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We are a determined team on a mission to change the way real estate sponsors engage with their investors throughout their lifecycle, to ultimately make investing more data-driven, transparent, and impactful for all of us.

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Why we're here.

At InvestNext, we set out on a mission to transform real estate investment management and investor relations. The company is based in Detroit, Michigan and was co-founded in 2016 by serial software entrepreneurs Michael Gisi and Kevin Heras, after they identified a trend among real estate investment firms – they were spending far more time than they wanted on tedious activities that made fundraising, investment management, and investor relations tedious and inefficient.

Compelled to solve this problem, Michael and Kevin set out on a mission to build a software platform that would enable real estate investment firms to operate more effectively and provide greater transparency to their investors. Instrumental to this effort, has been close partnerships with real estate private equity groups and REITs across the country, to continually augment and improve InvestNext. With thousands of investors and hundreds of millions of dollars being managed on the platform every day, InvestNext is on the fast-track to becoming a market leader in real estate investment management software.

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We’re looking for people that are inspired by our mission to make real estate investing data-driven, transparent and impactful for all of us and enjoy having a huge impact at a fast-growing startup. Get in touch with us at careers@investnext.com