InvestNext vs Agora

A great investment management solution can save your firm time, money, and help you strengthen your investor relationships. When searching for your next platform, you need a solution that has the features you need now – not later.

To help you make the best decision for your firm, this page compares InvestNext, the highest rated platform on G2, against Agora Real Estate.

Modern functionality designed for scaling firms

Direct inbound funding with ACH, co-sponsor support, complex waterfall calculations & distributions, and integrated investor accreditation and KYC/AML.

Industry leading onboarding & support

InvestNext customers go-live 2x faster and get access to quality support and exciting feature updates, regardless of size. Over 90% of support issues are fully resolved within a day.

Transparency and partnership

InvestNext is your 24/7 growth partner, dedicated to your long term success. We take client feedback seriously and put it directly into development, consistently delivering on our promises with transparency and clarity - supported by our 98% client retention rate.

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Why Choose InvestNext?
Inbound & Outbound Payments

Send and receive payments through fast, secure ACH transfers. Investors connect bank accounts in minutes and can fund projects instantly. Send payments with a few clicks.

Inbound payments must be delivered via wire or check.

Complex Waterfall Distributions

Build complex waterfall distributions with precision. Automatically calculate pref based on multiple start dates. Change unit prices and market values as needed. Send distributions via ACH with a few clicks.

Some limitations for adjusting unit prices and market values. Can send outbound payments for distributions via ACH.

Integrated Accreditation

Verify accreditation status and empower investors to get accreditation letters – seamlessly integrated into your investor portal and commitment flow.

Does not offer investor accreditation verification.


Integrated co-sponsor capital raising including a white-label investor portal, investor contact segmentation, reports & KPIs and position management.

Does not offer co-sponsor support.


Protect your firm, expand your investor network, and stay compliant with SEC regulations through fully integrated KYC/AML verification.

Does not offer integrated KYC/AML for credibility and compliance.

Onboarding & Support

Industry leading onboarding & support. Go-live more than 2x faster. Data migration within 7 business days of receipt. Top-tier support for all customers, regardless of size.

Lengthy onboarding process that can take several months.


Transparent pricing starting at $499/Mo

Starting at $750/Mo

Inbound & Outbound Payments















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Natalia Linchenko

“When we stacked it up against Juniper Square, InvestNext was an easy choice. My positive experience with InvestNext was anchored in its user-friendly interface, robust distribution capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and exceptional support."

Mike Williams
Open Door Capital

“The introduction of InvestNext reshaped our approach. It came at a critical juncture, providing the scalability we needed to surpass our expectations of $50 million in Capital Under Management, reaching $400 million in Capital Under Management within just four years."

Victor Pasaran
Pasago Investment Management

“InvestNext wasn’t just a tool for me. It was a game-changer in how I managed my portfolio, allowing me to see the bigger picture, analyze data, and diversify investments across various markets, thanks to its versatility."

InvestNext Offers More

Raise Capital Faster

With industry-leading functionality. Deliver an elevated investor experience with modern deal rooms, frictionless capital raising, direct inbound funding, co-sponsor support, and capital calls.

Industry Leading Onboarding & Support

InvestNext customers go-live 2x faster and get access to quality support, regardless of size.

Distribution Automation

Create complex distribution waterfalls for any operating agreement, automatically calculate distributions and send secure payments to your investors with a few clicks.

Highest Rated for User Satisfaction
94 satisfaction score on G2
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