Three Startup Friendly Platforms for Remote Teams

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Remote Technology 

There’s nothing like the feeling of rising out of bed, brushing your teeth, grabbing a cup of coffee, and commuting by foot to your office in the corner of your home.

 The dated concept of returning to an office desk, “the traditional nine to five” for corporate meetings and internal discussions has pivoted. As major companies adopt the hybrid and fully remote working styles, collaborative project management tools are more important than ever. Teams around the world, ours included, believe that productive work environments are sustainable anywhere, regardless of location.

User Friendly Technology

One of the biggest things to think about when you have a distributed team working remotely is communication. Most departments still need to meet in order to collaborate, and there are a few different ways to accomplish this virtually. Due to increased needs for social distancing, companies around the world have been forced to reevaluate their communication methods. 

A.k.a platforms that make good use of modern communication tools…like memes, gifs, and emojis.

With that being said, we’re covering three “start-up friendly” platforms that integrate with existing applications to build efficient co-working connections on a day to day basis: 

Platform Screen
InvestNext Pragli Dashboard
Virtual Cohabitation

Pragli takes on a creative approach when it comes to virtual office settings. In this article, they describe their mission, to solve three issues in the remote workspace.

  1. Loneliness
  2. Communication Friction
  3. Lack of Boundaries

The first thing that a new Pragli user will do is create their own personal avatar. Each team member gets a tile on the grid where they have the opportunity to show off their individuality.

You also have the ability to ping team members for quick discussions, send messages, and collaborate with screen-sharing features during brainstorming sessions. 

To increase transparency, you can integrate your calendar, Slack channels, and music applications, all while building closeness and community in an interactive environment.


Customer Interconnection

Intercom gives our team the tools we need to effectively communicate with external parties. For product teams, Intercom has the ability to integrate directly via API. For a full list of integrations, see this article. While using Intercom, support teams are able to create more conversational engagement funnels, including chat, automated chatbots, product tours, and more. 

Intercom Integrations - Three Startup Friendly Platforms for Remote Teams
Intercom Integrations -Three Startup Friendly Platforms for Remote Teams

In the modern workplace, not every business wants to route support calls to employees’ individual emails. Intercom’s dynamic chat and email features ensure that team members have a consistent process, enabling them to provide a well-rounded customer experience.


Connection and Inclusivity

Slack is transforming how organizations communicate and connect on projects. If you’re looking for a place to work on projects with your team, communicating in Slack makes emails feel obsolete. 

Slack Marketing Image - Three Startup Friendly Platforms for Remote Teams
Slack Mock-up -Three Startup Friendly Platforms for Remote Teams

If you’re searching for channels or looking for a specific channel, Slack helps you stay organized and allows you to keep all of your thoughts and files in one place. Also, Slack integrates with other digital tools such as the Google Suite, Trello, and many more. 

Plus, they have a diverse array of emojis to keep tone and communication fun! 

 Tools for the Future

Tech mammoths and new startups alike, leverage remote working tools to empower their workforce. When commuting is not an obstacle, increased time with family and job satisfaction translates directly to higher productivity. We’ve found that our employees enjoy their job more when they’re able to take a breather on a stressful day. 

Lucas Traikoff, Head of Marketing hiking the Manitou Incline between meetings!
Lucas Traikoff, Head of Marketing hiking the Manitou Incline between meetings!

We’ve also found that flexible working options propose a win-win for managers and employees alike. This style of work creates a small amount of pressure amongst hiring managers, as they need to hire trustworthy talent. 

At InvestNext, we believe in giving our team members autonomy, backed by the practice of only hiring individuals that we trust to use our policies responsibly. This plays a major role in our candidate selection process.

BTW, We’re Hiring

Interested in joining the work from home revolution? InvestNext is hiring! Our culture is all about giving workers the resources and tools they need to succeed, whether they’re working from the dining room table, a coffee shop, or a mountain top with hotspot. 

See our open positions!

Golden Gate Bridge - Work Remotely
Work from anywhere with Wifi
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