Our mission is to democratize real estate investing

Empowering investors to make a meaningful impact within their communities


At InvestNext, we set out on a mission to transform real estate investment management and investor relations. The company is based in Detroit, Michigan, and was founded in 2016. After identifying a trend among real estate investment firms – we realized the industry as a whole, spends a large amount of time on activities that made fundraising, investment management, and investor relations tedious and inefficient.


Compelled to solve this problem, we set out on a mission to build a software platform that would enable real estate investment firms to operate more effectively and provide greater transparency to their investors. Instrumental to this effort, has been close partnerships with real estate private equity groups and REITs around the globe. As of today, we’re trusted by tens of thousands of investors with billions of dollars managed on the platform.


The most determined group of people you’ve ever met

Kevin Heras - InvestNext Co-Founder
Kevin Heras


Brad St. Onge - Head of Partnerships
Brad St. Onge

Customer Success

Evan Haft - Head of Sales
Evan Haft

Product Solutions

Michael Gisi - InvestNext Co-Founder
Michael Gisi


Andre Fajardo - Product Design
Andre Fajardo

Product Design

Lucas Traikoff - Head of Marketing
Lucas Traikoff

Product Marketing

Matthew Attou - InvestNext Co-Founder
Matthew Attou


Jay Krause - Director of Customer Success
Jay Krause

Customer Success

Nick Fenton - Product Engineering
Nick Fenton

Software Engineer


Downtown Detroit

For us, Detroit represents an opportunity to bring communities together. At InvestNext, we believe that real estate is more than just an investment asset class. It is the fabric of our communities, where people live and work.

Over the last several decades, Detroit has seen ups and downs. After the financial crisis of 2008, the city was left nearly bankrupt. Many doubted whether the city could ever recover from this.

InvestNext is part of a community of organizations, of which over the last decade, have played a major role in re-shaping the Detroit we know, into a tech hub for the 21st century.

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