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InvestNext Updates: June 2021


With summer in full swing and states and businesses reopening across the country, 2021 is looking better than ever! The InvestNext team has returned to the office in a part-time hybrid capacity. Just a reminder, we have offices in Detroit, MI, and San Diego, CA. Say hi! (We promise to buy you lunch!) Let’s jump into the good stuff!

Product Spotlight:

Soft Commitments

Do you have an upcoming project in the works? Would you like to gauge commitment interested from your investor base?

By setting your capital raise to the Upcoming state investors can enter a tentative commitment amount. When documents are finalized and the capital raise is ready to kick off, investors will have the option to change to confirm their commitment amount before signing paperwork.

Three major benefits include:

  1. PPM, Subscription, and other documents do not need to be finalized
  2. Investors can receive information about the project and raise on the investor portal
  3. Get a general idea of the interest from your investor base early on in the process

Customer Success:

New Support center

Have you seen the new support center on our website? We’re excited to announce that our website will host searchable support articles, giving you the ability to search for support-related topics via our website, Intercom Chat, or within the search engine of your choice.

Tip of the Month

Have you ever had to make a revision to an electronically executable document? Even after investors signed the old version?

InvestNext can help with that!

Navigate to the document sequence inside the deal room. In more options for the document, you will now see “Archived”.

By archiving a document, investors will no longer be presented with the option to sign that document.

If there’s a newer version of the document. Simply attach it. All investors will be asked to complete the newly attached document during the commitment process.

We’re Hiring!

Check out the following open roles. If you know someone who would make a great fit let us know!

Current Openings: Software Engineer

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