Document Management

Intelligent Document Management

Organize and access documents for your portfolio and investors. Templatize, search, and share to custom segments or individual investors – with integrated e-signatures for easy and error-free commitments.

E-Signature Support

Investors can easily electronically sign legal documents directly within the platform - without ever leaving the commitment flow.

Smart Access

Disseminate from a centralized hub. Industry leading technology ensures documents are always delivered to the right investors.

Global Templates

Clone, edit, and re-use documents across projects to save time and maintain consistency.

“At Investnext we can visualize not only investments but company projects that are in force, as well as publicize work progress. Clients view their personal documents, contracts and amendments in a timely manner as well as download them.”

Melissa M.

E-Signature Support

E-Signatures for Error-Free Commitments

Support investor-friendly commitment flows with e-signatures. Investors can electronically sign legal documents directly within the platform, ensuring critical documents are completed quickly and accurately every time.

Smart Access

Intelligently Share, Sort & Manage Access

Manage access and easily disseminate documents securely to groups or individual investors – all with just a few clicks. Bulk upload documents and K1s, and InvestNext will automatically assign to investors with industry leading OCR technology, ensuring your documents are always delivered to the right investors.

K1 Management

Simplify Tax Season

Create trust and consistency for investors by delivering accurate, timely, and secure tax documents. Eliminate tax season headaches by producing and sharing K1s in minutes, not days.

Highest Rated for User Satisfaction

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Produce and share K1s and other tax documents in minutes, not days, with streamlined K1 dissemination.

Branded Investor Portal

Build credibility and impress your investors with a modern, user-friendly experience. Share documents, send updates, and capture investment intent in a centralized hub.

Automated Back-Office

Reduce administrative overhead with automated financial management.

Manage Documents with Control​

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