Our Mission

To democratize real estate investing and empower investors to make a meaningful impact on the communities they invest in.

Our Story

Influencing society, economics, and culture

We believe that real estate is more than just an investment asset class. It’s the fabric of our society and communities, where people live, work, and build their futures. Our product seeks to revolutionize the way we create those futures.

At InvestNext, we’re on a mission to democratize real estate investing.  Our goal is to make investing accessible to everyone, regardless of background.

Our Mission

A purpose that defines who we are

We’re building a diverse team of professionals who are passionate about our culture, our product, and our purpose.

Joining us is more than a job – it’s aligning with a movement that combines professional growth with genuine community change. Here, you’re not just building a career; you’re helping redefine the essence of real estate investing.

Our Culture

Fostering growth & potential

Our leadership

Matthew Attou


Andrew Berg


Michael Gisi

Michael Gisi


Kevin Heras

Kevin Heras


Jay Krause

Chief of Staff

Sarah Lodato


Juan Ramirez

Customer Experience

Dan Richardson


Ed White


Our board

Camila Noordeloos

Camila Noordeloos

General Partner at Grand Ventures

Guy Turner

Venture Investor at Hyde Park VP

Jeff Ponders II

Jeff Ponders II

Principal at Invest Detroit Ventures

Shayn Diamond

Partner at Whitecap Venture Partners

Tama Huang

Board Member

Our investors

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