The Real Estate Investment Management Platform

The essential tools GPs and Investor Relations Teams need to cultivate strong investor relationships, reduce administrative expenses, and grow portfolios. Plus integrated solutions you can’t find anywhere else.

Essential Tools

Cultivate strong relationships with your investors, reduce your administrative expenses, and grow your portfolio with industry-leading essential tools

Raising Capital

Streamline your fundraising process with engaging deal rooms, frictionless commitment flows, e-signatures, secure inbound funding, automated CRM and back-office integration.

Investor Portal

Impress your investors with a white label investor portal. Promote offerings with professional deal rooms and accelerate capital raising with secure inbound funding.


Create complex distribution waterfalls matching any operating agreement, automatically calculate distributions and send secure payments to your investors with a few clicks.


Cultivate trusted relationships, build credibility and enhance investor satisfaction. All while reducing workload with easy-to-use functionality and streamlined platform integration.


Retain control of your investor relationships when raising capital with co-sponsors. Raise capital together in the same modern investor experience without sacrificing your data integrity.

Capital Calls

Raise capital on your timeline. Progressively call capital from investors and avoid accruing returns on unused funds.

Cap Table Management

Reduce administrative overhead with automated cap table, position, and financial management that powers your distributions, payments, and reporting.

Document Management

Easily organize and access documents for your portfolio and investors. Templatize, search, and share critical documents to segments or individual investors.


Protect your data with financial institution grade security backed by SOC2 compliance.


Save time on manual processes with automated workflows - enabling your teams to build value for your firm and investors.

Integrated Solutions

Solutions designed to enhance investor experience and to maintain sponsor compliance with SEC regulations.

Investor Accreditation

Verify accreditation status and empower investors to get accreditation letters - seamlessly integrated into your investor portal and commitment flow. Keeping you compliant for 506(c) deals.


For rapid and secure investor onboarding. Protect your firm, expand your investor network, and stay compliant with SEC regulations through fully integrated KYC/AML verification.

ACH Payments

Capture inbound funds and initiate payments to your investors in minutes - not days with integrated and effortless payment solutions.

Fund Administration

Access our industry-leading fund administration partner network. Efficient, accurate, and timely administration for any syndication or fund structure.

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