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InvestNext is Made for LPs Like Yours

Limited partners invest confidently with InvestNext, the highly rated investment management platform for ease of use. Build trust and credibility with frictionless commitment flows, superior communication and transparency, and the highest standards for security and compliance. Deliver a next level investor experience to encourage larger and multiple commitments.
Strengthen Investor Relationships


Investors save time by exploring offerings, executing requirements, and funding commitments without ever leaving their portal.


Investors stay informed with real-time data and insights for monitoring investments and 24/7 access to critical documents and performance data.


Investors commit safely and with confidence with compliance features for KYC/AML and accreditation, plus bank-grade security.

Easy Commitments

Investors go from awareness to funding in minutes with our intuitive investor portals. Investors explore offerings, select their investment class, complete documents with e-signatures, verify accreditation status, and fund directly from the commitment flow. Eliminate unnecessary steps and friction to reduce investor drop-off.

Transparent Reporting

Investors stay informed and connected with 24/7 access to project updates, detailed investment performance and reports, and one-click statements and documents. And with real-time data and insights, they can monitor investments as often as they like.

Streamlined Compliance

Investors meet compliance requirements without complicated steps or navigating across multiple systems. They can complete KYC/AML requests in minutes, during onboarding or directly in the commitment flow.

Bank-Grade Security

Investors complete all actions confidently knowing that their data is protected. InvestNext engages in robust external audits and monthly penetration testing to continuously validate our security stack. Our platform is backed by industry leading assessments and is SOC 2 Type 2 certified by the AICPA, so you can keep investor data safe and build trust every step of the way.

Simplified Funding

Investors save time and fund commitments in a few clicks. Investors have the option to instantly link bank accounts and securely send investment funds with ACH transfers up to $1M per transaction directly from the commitment flow- no more wire charges, writing checks, or trips to the post office.

Frictionless Access

Elevated experiences for even the most experienced investors. Investors can access all of their InvestNext portals through one login with Single-Sign On (SSO). Plus, investors with multiple investments can access all of their tax documents across all InvestNext portals through our Global Tax Center.

Intelligent Document Management

Investors receive the right document on time – every time. Documents can be templatized, searched, and shared to custom segments or individual investors – with integrated e-signatures for easy and error-free commitments.

Automated Distributions

Accurate distributions that build investor confidence and satisfaction. Distribution payments are automatically calculated ensuring that each partner accurately receives their share of profits based on your operating agreement. Investors are added to your project, cap table, and distribution plan directly from the commitment flow, eliminating the risk of manual input and calculations.

Mobile Accessibility

Easy access whenever your investors need it – wherever they are. Investors can manage investments on-the-go with mobile access.

Highest Rated for User Satisfaction

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