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The Platform Trusted by Leading GPs

Future-proof your firm against market volatility and investor uncertainty with a platform that acts as your 24/7 growth partner. Raise capital quickly, impress investors, & streamline your operations with InvestNext.

Raise Capital Your Way

Promote offerings with engaging deal rooms in a white label investor portal. Empower investors to securely fund in minutes, not days, with frictionless commitment flows.

Impress Investors

Give investors anytime access to investment performance. Deepen investor relationships through project updates, investment reports, and securely shared statements and tax documents.

Streamline Operations

Say goodbye to inefficient capital raising, inaccurate distributions that impact investor confidence, and time-consuming investor accounting & reporting.

Reduce Investor Acquisition Cost

Eliminate commitment friction and cultivate trusted, lifelong relationships with your investors. Your prospects and investors go from awareness to funded in minutes with engaging deal rooms, frictionless commitment flows, and secure inbound funding. Offer a seamless, end-to-end digital investing process with integrated disclaimer and document e-signatures, automated accreditation verification, KYC compliance, and direct inbound funding in one commitment flow.

Raise capital your way to attract a wider range of investors with functionality designed for syndications, funds, REITs, and co-sponsors.

Promote Transparency & Impress Investors

Create lasting impressions and exceed expectations by creating a personalized, white glove experience with a modern, customizable investor portal that drives repeat investors and builds lifetime investor relationships.

Grant your LPs a clean, easy to navigate interface and anytime access to their investment performance, updates, statements, and tax documents.

Strengthen Investor Relationships

Cultivate trusted relationships, build credibility and enhance investor satisfaction at scale. Reduce investor relations workloads with easy-to-use functionality and streamlined platform integration. Manage, track, and accelerate capital raise operations with customizable pipelines built for your process.

Automate Your Back Office

Reduce administrative overhead with automated financial management to spend time on your Next Deal. Investor. Opportunity.

With automated capital calls, position management, and financial reporting, you can say goodbye to manual calculations and eliminate the risk of incorrect distribution amounts that impact your investors’ trust. Automatically calculate distributions for complex waterfalls to match any operating agreement and build investor confidence by delivering secure and fast payments in their preferred method.

Build Your Reputation with Compliance

Protect your firm, expand your investor network, and stay compliant with SEC regulations through fully integrated KYC/AML verification and ongoing monitoring. Build investor confidence in your raise with rapid and secure investor onboarding.

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