InvestNext Features: Secure and Convenient – Single Sign-On

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Super Simple, Super Secure, Single Sign-On

We understand that building a strong cybersecurity ecosystem is essential to protecting sensitive data as you access information through the InvestNext portal. With that being said, our team has been working diligently behind the scenes to enhance the security features on our platform.

Single sign-on (SSO) authentication is a login best practice designed to decrease multiple-use password creation. We’ve implemented this feature to ensure you can safely access investor and sponsor portals with only one username and password, simplifying the login process while protecting your accounts.

What is Single Sign-On Authentication? 

Single Sign-on (SSO) is a federated identity management (FIM) tool that enables access to multiple applications with just one set of login credentials. SSO enables businesses to safely verify the identity of people and devices when they connect to a network. This is essential for allocating user access rights and making sure users only have the degree of access they need to efficiently perform their roles. Instead of entering your login and password each time you try to access a website or software application, your login and password are handled by the original source, notifying the new location that you’ve logged into a previous account that’s already verified your access details – guaranteeing that the user signing in is who they say they are. 

According to data, 59% of people use the same or similar passwords across many accounts, making it simple for hackers to access account systems through poorly secured portals. By consolidating access logins into a single set of credentials, improves business security by protecting against data breaches caused by frequent workplace human error. 

Additionally, SSO can be used by entities of all sizes, large companies, small businesses, and even individuals to make it easier to keep track of their usernames and passwords. Examples of SSO authentication adopters include platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and  Twitter.

Benefits of SSO

In addition to the benefits of a simpler authentication process. SSO may improve operational efficiency within an entire company. Here is a list of advantages that organizations and people may enjoy by putting in place a secure login application:

  • Reduces password fatigue: Security specialists urge unique passwords for each application to avoid cybercrime. The average user is stuck trying to remember hundreds of passwords for personal and professional usage. Sadly, this often leads to “password fatigue.” Enabling SSO authentication provides a single password option as opposed to several. As a side benefit, it provides users with a stronger motivation to generate robust passwords.
  • Improves identity protection: With SSO, businesses can improve identity security with two-factor authentication (2FA) and multifactor authentication (MFA).
  • Streamlines the user experience: Providing a one-click option enables users to enjoy a clear and modern digital experience that enables them to efficiently complete tasks swiftly.
  • Reduces security threats for your clients, suppliers, and partners: Connections between allied entities always present vulnerabilities. SSO can minimize these cyber risks by reducing breaches and protecting sensitive data through its secure password authentication process.
  • Increases software adoption: Technology should make our lives simpler, not more difficult. SSO boosts the likelihood of users adopting your technology, accessing your portal, and simply returning again and again to your site.
InvestNext Single Sign-On feature

How does SSO work on our platform?

Up until now, InvestNext users were required to have a password for each account. This included frequent password changes to access separate portals for both sponsors and investors.

By accessing your accounts through our single-sign-on feature, sponsors can manage and navigate through multiple accounts with just one click. You’ll have the ability to merge any existing accounts and use your single profile details to sign up for future opportunities, thereby lowering the barrier to entry and removing access friction.

Sign-In with only one set of credentials to access all your InvestNext accounts.

Key benefits of using SSO authentication on InvestNext:

  • If you are a sponsor managing multiple deals, you can aggregate your acct and jump into sponsor view and investor view at any given time.
  • Existing accounts merged into a single set of credentials.
  • Improved security. You can enable two-factor authentication across all existing accounts since they are merged into a single set of credentials. 
  • Once logged in, users can switch profiles in the UI to access their accounts in different sponsor environments.

InvestNext Solutions

Secure, simple, and straightforward. We at InvestNext prioritize convenience and accessibility, and we’re committed to developing tangible solutions that optimize your capital raise performance while impressing your investors. 

Check out our support articles page for more information about our SSO feature.

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