InvestNext’s New Dashboard Features


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InvestNext's dashboard features

Efficiently managing your business is more intuitive when you have a solid investment management platform with interactive dashboard features that are used as an effective tool. 

However, their true potential may be hindered if they are not configured to display meaningful insights that enable you to free up your workflow processes to focus on important aspects of your business…your investors. 

With that being said, we’re excited to announce our new dashboard upgrade, designed to create a more efficient task flow that showcases data-driven analytics and actionable to-do lists to help you optimize your capital raise efforts. 

But first, let’s dive into having the right management software.

Key Features of an Investment Management Tool

As a general partner, you recognize the importance of selecting the ideal investment management tool to streamline operations, foster collaboration, and optimize returns. You also want to ensure that the software you choose has an intuitive interface that enables you to organize your properties efficiently, making it easier to identify opportunities and potential areas for improvement. 

By streamlining these processes, you can save valuable time and focus on expanding your real estate portfolio.

So when assessing investment management tools, it is crucial to consider the following features that greatly enhance operational efficiency and productivity:

  • Investor Management: Effectively manage investor relationships, track interactions, and personalize communications.
  • Deal and Investment Tracking: To help monitor and manage real estate deals, commitments, milestones, and performance.
  • Document Management: Document repository to securely store storage sensitive materials sent to you by your investors.
  • Performance Analytics and Reporting: Gain valuable insights through comprehensive reporting and visualizations to evaluate investment performance and make informed decisions.
  • Fund Accounting and Reporting: Automate fund accounting processes, including investor contributions, distributions, and regulatory compliance.

Now let’s dive into the intricacies of things, dash interface.

Management Dashboards for Sponsors and Investors

Today, syndication firms are always looking for ways to improve internal operations and investor relations. A lot of the crucial details rely heavily on time commitments, outsourced enterprises, and rounds and rounds of networking with investors. 

The idea would be to allocate communication features, offerings, and commitments under a reliable investment management suite. However, if those tools are not efficient enough, you can find yourself drowning trying to navigate through separate CRMs, task management tools, manual processes, post-it notes, bank runs, paperwork, and dreaded spreadsheets.

Sponsors already assume demanding roles on a day-to-day basis, so they want ease and accessibility. They want interactive dashboard features for their investors and their managing portals to oversee performance, pending commitments, payments, and so on. 

So what does that look like?


Benefits of an Interactive Dashboard

  1. Accessible Data: You gain valuable insights across your business by analyzing your data to improve overall decision-making and enhance project success.
  2. Improved Project Visibility: Interactive dashboards allow you to achieve a clear and comprehensive view of project status and performance. They also promote transparency by allowing managers and firms to monitor progress, assess project health, and align efforts for a shared understanding and collective ownership of project outcomes.
  3. Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency: A resourceful dashboard tool equipped with an efficient action items list can help ease project management, boost team productivity, reduce administrative tasks, and enable teams to focus on assignments that add to your business.
  4. Effective Communication and Stakeholder Engagement: Share project updates, metrics, and deliverables in a centralized location for transparent communication and stakeholder engagement.

InvestNext’s Modern Dashboard Feature

We recognized the importance of saving sponsors’ time and effort and sought to redesign our dashboard interface with a focus on delivering pertinent information specific to your role within the company and, overall, ensuring that you have immediate access to essential data to enhance productivity.

In-depth view of InvestNexts Dashboard

Let’s take a deeper look into our new dashboard facelift.

Our new dashboard setup centralizes transparency by automating manual and repetitive tasks; we eased sponsor visibility by cleaning up the menu panel, allowing them to view projects at a higher level. 

Sponsors can easily find the information they need, navigate between projects, and access features with just a few clicks, reducing friction and ensuring that the tasks that need to be completed are being handled with confidence.

Features to Power-up Productivity

Action Items

The new dashboard provides you with an action item to-do list that goes beyond the traditional concept of reminders and takes productivity to new heights. Prioritize critical tasks, including counter-signatures, lead form submissions, distribution errors, and pending accreditation uploads. 

The upgraded navigational panel conveniently presents your goals and plans for the day front and center, eliminating the guesswork and providing clarity into your investor management priorities. 

Accessible Metrics

At the forefront are all your essential metrics to minimize clicks and provide convenient access to the features necessary to move deals forward. Easily monitor your active investors, properties, FUMs (Funds Under Management), capital raises, and other relevant information.

Intuitive Design

The portal interface is a blend of sophistication and ease of use. Our developers wanted to ensure that every interaction within the dashboard provided clarity from a viewable range. The goal was to meet your expectations by providing an impactful, organized layout of everything you would need to raise capital and more.

Active Page Highlights

To help keep track of your progress, we included active page highlights as visual cues that serve as your guides to help you navigate through every corner of your dashboard seamlessly – adding precision and clarity to ensure that no important updates or crucial information escape your attention.

Get Started With Our Features Dashboard Today

The new look is now available for all InvestNext users. Begin monitoring your investors and scaling your overhead operations and capital-raising goals today by designing a sustainable workflow within the InvestNext portal.
If you are a sponsor seeking effective methods to manage your investors, schedule a demo to explore the capabilities of our real estate investor portal and dashboard management system.


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