Top 20 Real Estate Influencers in the Nation (2023)

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Social media marketing has become the go-to to organically promote business and build a dedicated following. As a real estate investor, utilizing platforms like Instagram and Twitter puts you in a position as a thought leader, which introduces others to view your success in the industry as a commercial real estate influencer.

Historically, real estate investing was a specialized field with few participants. Nevertheless, with the rise of real estate influencers, investing in commercial assets is becoming increasingly accessible. Aspiring investors seeking to break into the industry are looking for advice and knowledge through multiple resources like YouTube, Facebook groups, Meetups, Masterminds, etc., leaving many to follow the market’s tried-and-true top influencers for the best method to gaining market insight and capitalizing on their knowledge and experience.

This article will look at the top 20 US real estate influencers that have racked up millions of followers across various social media channels, including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Commercial Real Estate Influencer Summary

Commercial Real Estate Influencers in The US


Grant Cardone is a Miami-based entrepreneur, business owner, and New York Times best-selling author with a solid reputation due to his brand-facing and expertise in commercial real estate. 

Known for his high energy and lavish lifestyle displayed on his social accounts, Grant has over 4 million followers on Instagram alone. Lastly, he is one of the world’s top sales and marketing trainers and currently owns and operates Cardone Acquisitions, Cardone Enterprises, and The Cardone Group, among others.


Barbra Corcoran also known as the NYC Real Estate Queen, is a well-known real estate agent, author, columnist, entrepreneur, investor, and consultant who is perhaps most recognized for her significant appearance on ABC’s business reality TV series Shark Tank and the entire NY real estate space. LinkedIn is Barbara’s primary following platform, with over 1.2 million followers. She posts family and lifestyle updates on Instagram (3.5 million followers) rather than business-related content and utilizes Facebook as a promotional tool for her novels.


Miami real estate mogul Chad Carroll is one of the most influential real-estate influencers and a Million Dollar Listing star. His appearance on ‘Million Dollar Listing Miami’ increased his fame in comparison to other real estate experts. 

Chad built a fortune by selling ultra-luxurious properties to well-known buyers and boasts over $4.5B in sales as a real estate broker. Chad also frequently contributes to The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Daily News, and The Real Deal and has a total following of 400k+ on all his platforms combined. 


Fredrik Eklund, a well-known realtor, author, and one of the top Instagram real estate influencers, Fredrik specializes in upscale properties around Texas, Florida, New York, and California and has well over 2.09M. followers combined with Instagram as his lead platform of 1.4M followers. Fredrik’s real estate success landed him a spot on Million Dollar Listing New York, which catapulted his social media presence. 


Tom Ferry has worked as a real estate coach, consultant, and author for over 25 years. He’s the founder and CEO of Ferry International, which offers global coaching and training to residential and commercial real estate agents. 

Ferry is admired for the insight he provides through lengthy, in-depth interviews with real estate professionals. On all his platforms combined, Tom has a total of 1.01M followers. 


Josh Altman is a real estate broker, reality TV star, author, and one of Instagram’s top real estate influencers. Altman is consulted by well-known athletes and celebrities on the West Coast looking to buy luxury homes in Los Angeles, California. Josh is among the top 1% of realtors worldwide and has a total of 1.2M followers on Instagram. 


Tracy Tutor is the first female real estate agent on the popular Million Dollar Listing show and has worked with actors including Channing Tatum and Edward Norton. Tutor is a top agent at the high-pristine real estate company, Douglas Elliman Beverly Hills. Tracy has a strong micro following of 233k+ followers on Instagram and a total of 244k on all her accounts combined. 


Graham Stephan began his real estate career at age 18 and was a millionaire by 26. Stephan has worked with high-profile clients like Orlando Bloom and went viral when he met Ben Mallah, the 250 million dollar man. Stephen mentors real estate professionals through his online course, The Real Estate Agent Academy. Stephan also manages a well-known YouTube channel with more than $10 million views and four million+ subscribers.


Chrishell Stause is best known for her role in the Netflix famous reality series Selling Sunset, which follows luxury Los Angeles real estate agents who sell some of the most luxurious homes in the world. Chrishell has been mentioned several times in the Los Angeles Times for her representation of notable estates, and she has worked with a list of high-profile clients in Hollywood and the surrounding area. Due to her intuitive understanding of the real estate system, she is a preferred real estate agent among families wishing to sell or relocate. Chrishell has over 3.5M followers on Instagram.


Ryan Serhant has over 1.16M followers on YouTube and is known for directing and producing “Million Dollar Listing New York,” which was nominated for two Emmys. He writes for Forbes, attracting other real estate agents, and has a podcast on iTunes called “Big Money Energy” that draws real estate beginners and aspiring investors. 


Warren Berzack is an industry pioneer in the multifamily investing sector and is recognized as one of the top 50 multifamily agents in the nation. Warren specializes in Multifamily, Triple Nets (NNN), and 1031 Exchanges and was recognized as Lee & Associates’ top multifamily broker in 2018.


Commercial real estate influencer and Houston-based broker Julia Wang focuses on high-end properties throughout the Texan metropolis. Yahoo Finance has recognized Julia as one of the top five real estate agents to follow on social media and the number one real estate agent in Houston and Texas.

Her educational and professional background in Marketing offers her a competitive edge, and her knowledge of the ‘new way’ of selling Real Estate online has won her a large following and national exposure.

She has also been honored by various professional journals and earned a number of prizes. She routinely discusses this rapidly-changing profession on respectable podcasts and panels.


Cody Sperber strongly advocates for developing engaging content that serves your audience, networking with the right people, aligning that material across platforms, and establishing your omnipresence. 

With a following of over 1.3M on all his combined platforms, Cody is known as the ‘clever investor’; his strategy for success appears simple: buy properties, then sell them for a profit. His company’ Clever Investor’ became the top company to work for in Arizona in 2017.


Carlos Reyes is a serial entrepreneur and one of the top real estate coaches in the country. Despite coming from a poor background, Carlos has used his upbringing as a tool to inspire others. As one of the most inspiring real estate influencers, he shares motivational commentary and success tips on his  Instagram account, which boasts over 1.01M followers. 


American realtor, entrepreneur, author, and life coach Kristoffer Krohn is the founder of The Strongbrook Group and REIC, which comprises a real estate agency, mortgage brokerage, property management company, and life insurance company. Kris has a combined following of 1.7M across his social accounts, with Linkedin as his platform with the highest following of over 890k. 


Jake Leicht is a social micro-influencer with a total of 244k across his social accounts. Jake’s expertise is in flipping houses, leasing, and financing. Leicht runs a mentoring program where strategies for successful house-flipping projects are shared and is primarily active on Instagram, where he posts before and after photos of his renovated properties.


Tony Giordano is the founder and president of Giordano Industries and is a best-selling author, renowned speaker, thought leader, consultant, and a well-known real estate broker. His expertise has led him to appear in Forbes, CNBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS. Lastly, his book “The Social Agent: The New Era Of Social Networking” instructs companies on establishing a social media presence. Tony has over 346K followers on his platforms combined. 


Apart from being Alabama’s top realtor, Ricky Carruth runs a real estate agent training program that offers insight into industry norms and development. He attributes his success to the fact that he prioritizes relationships over business dealings: total following, 333k on his accounts combined. 


Andy Dane Carter is regarded as a “real estate titan” by Forbes and has a successful track record of helping others grow their businesses to achieve financial success. 

For more than 11 years in real estate, Andy has amassed a huge fan base as a best-selling business author, keynote speaker, YouTube series presenter, and top-ranking business podcast host, which significantly increases the exposure for his listings. Andy has a growing combined following of over 360k followers across his social platforms. 


Award-winning author, businessman, and real estate investor Stefan Aarnio is known for having begun his Canadian real estate business with just $1,200 and growing it to a multi-million dollar portfolio of single and multifamily properties. 

Sadly, on May 6, 2020, Stefan passed away from cancer. His fan base is expanding across various channels, and he continues to offer real estate guidance through his books and videos. As of date, his combined social following is well over 400k. 

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Bottom Line

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