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Transforming Investor Onboarding with InvestNext:
From Complexity to Seamless Integration

With roots dating back to 2004, the family-owned venture the DeRosa Group has grown exponentially, embodying the mission to "Transform Lives Through Real Estate®". We explore the role InvestNext played in elevating DeRosa Group's operations, with a special focus on the insights of Vincent (Vinny) Celeste, the Head of Investor Relations at the group.
Unified Communication & Elevated Investor Relations:

InvestNext real estate CRM tool helped centralized Pasago's communication, enhancing investor engagement and streamlining processes, saving time and fostering value-driven initiatives.

Referral-Driven Business Expansion:

The InvestNext investor portal significantly influenced Pasago's growth, with 40% of new annual investors coming through a seamless referral system, fostering a community of satisfied and engaged investors.

A Comprehensive Tool Beyond Portfolio Management:

InvestNext enabled holistic evaluation of portfolio performance, enabling superior analytics and capital allocation. Effectively enabling new investor growth through referrals.

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From Complexity to Seamless Integration

Vincent Celeste
DeRosa Group

InvestNext has truly transformed our investment operations, bringing a level of efficiency and professionalism that continues to have a profound impact” 

A Journey Rooted in Integrity and Transformation

DeRosa Group, a family-owned venture, is deeply committed to real estate investment with a mission to Transform Lives Through Real Estate. Established by Matt and Liz Faircloth in 2004, their journey commenced with a modest duplex purchase near Philadelphia, powered by a $30,000 private loan.

Over time, their expertise has evolved to encompass a diverse range of properties, including single-family homes, multi-family residences, apartments, mixed-use spaces, retail outlets, and offices. From transformative renovations to strategic value-add opportunities, their proficiency spans various property conditions, always guided by core values of integrity, transparency, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

With a dedication to quality housing and flexible commercial spaces, DeRosa Group aims to empower others in building wealth through real estate. This commitment to making a difference is underlined by their approach of Transforming Lives Through Real Estate®, which extends to creating secure wealth-building chances for investors, fostering family-oriented communities, and positively impacting lives. Their team embodies experience, dedication, and smart investing strategies.

The Challenge: Streamlining Processes and Enhancing Investor Engagement

Before the integration of InvestNext, the DeRosa Group faced significant hurdles in managing investor relations and operational processes. The manual methods were labor-intensive and prone to errors, necessitating a streamlined and efficient solution. Vinny and his team were on the lookout for a platform that could enhance transparency and professionalism in their investor relations.
“At DeRosa, we realized the pressing need to streamline our operations to foster better investor relations and enhance efficiency”

The Turning Point: Adopting InvestNext for Seamless Operations

The adoption of InvestNext marked a transformative phase for the DeRosa Group. The platform, with its scalable pricing structure and exceptional customer service, aligned perfectly with the group’s growth trajectory. 
“The decision to integrate InvestNext was a game-changer. The platform’s features, especially the automated payments and visually appealing investor dashboard, have been instrumental in streamlining our operations” 

The Impact: Elevated Efficiency and Investor Satisfaction

Since the integration of InvestNext, the DeRosa Group has witnessed a significant uplift in operational efficiency and investor relations. The platform reduced the number of inquiries Vinny had to address personally each week, saving considerable time and fostering transparency and professionalism in communications with investors.
“The transition to InvestNext has been a boon, enhancing transparency and professionalism in our communications, and significantly reducing errors in our processes,”

A New Chapter: Enhanced Investor Engagement and Operational Excellence

The collaboration between the DeRosa Group and InvestNext is more than just an integration of a platform; it’s a testament to the power of leveraging technology to amplify a company’s core mission.

InvestNext has not only streamlined the DeRosa Group’s operations but has also redefined the investor experience, aligning it with the group’s ethos of transforming lives through real estate. As the DeRosa Group continues to grow and evolve, InvestNext stands as a pivotal partner, ensuring that operational excellence and investor engagement remain at the forefront. Looking ahead, this partnership promises to set new benchmarks in the realm of real estate investment, underscoring the importance of adaptability, innovation, and unwavering commitment to stakeholders.
“InvestNext has truly transformed our investment operations, bringing a level of efficiency and professionalism that continues to have a profound impact.” 

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