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How Griffin Partners Leveraged InvestNext to Drive Operational Efficiency and Amazing Investor Experiences.

In the competitive realm of private equity real estate investment, Griffin Partners stands as a beacon of innovation and investor-focused results. With a rich history spanning four decades and a portfolio boasting 103 properties valued at over $2.5 billion, the firm has mastered the art of optimizing performance while minimizing risk. Griffin Partners thrives in ten target markets across the southern U.S., focusing on office, industrial, mixed-use, and limited retail properties that promise attractive risk-adjusted returns for their real estate investors.Here, we spotlight the insights and experiences of Patrick Keltner, Director of Innovation at the firm, and how he utilized InvestNexts investment management software. The team includes David Hotze, responsible for deal flow and investor relations. Patrick's background in Commodities Trading and Energy software enriches the firm's approach, while David's expertise in Business Administration bolsters the acquisition and asset management efforts.
Unified Communication & Elevated Investor Relations:

InvestNext real estate CRM tool helped centralized Pasago's communication, enhancing investor engagement and streamlining processes, saving time and fostering value-driven initiatives.

Referral-Driven Business Expansion:

The InvestNext investor portal significantly influenced Pasago's growth, with 40% of new annual investors coming through a seamless referral system, fostering a community of satisfied and engaged investors.

A Comprehensive Tool Beyond Portfolio Management:

InvestNext enabled holistic evaluation of portfolio performance, enabling superior analytics and capital allocation. Effectively enabling new investor growth through referrals.

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Enabling Efficiency and Amazing Investor Experiences

Patrick Keltner
Griffin Partners

“InvestNext stepped up to address the challenges we faced, offering a streamlined solution that aligned seamlessly with our tech-focused approach”

A Rich Legacy of Expertise and Innovation

Griffin Partners, a stalwart in the private equity real estate sector, has built a diversified portfolio that promises attractive risk-adjusted returns. The firm thrives in ten target markets across the southern U.S., focusing on a range of property types. David Hotze spearheads deal flow and investor relations, bringing a wealth of expertise in business administration to the table. At the helm of innovation initiatives is Patrick Keltner, whose background in commodities trading and energy software brings a fresh perspective to the firm’s approach.

The Challenge: Overcoming Limitations and Streamlining Operations

Before the integration with InvestNext, Griffin Partners relied on another solution for managing personal and crowdsourced investors. However, the platform had multiple challenges, including sluggish response times and a clear need for product development. This led Griffin Partners to search for a more modern, user-friendly platform that could project professionalism while offering operational efficiencies.
“We found ourselves grappling with the limitations of the other provider. Their slow response times and manual processes were clearly hindering our efficiency and investment opportunities”

The Turning Point: Embracing InvestNext

The transition to InvestNext marked a significant turning point for Griffin Partners. The platform stood out for its investor-focused user experience, customer focus and key features, aligning perfectly with the firm’s tech-centric approach. The introduction of automated ACH payments became a pivotal factor in their decision, promising not only time savings but also a seamless fit into their future roadmap.
“The turning point in our decision-making process was InvestNext’s Automated Payments. This feature not only meant significant time savings but also fit seamlessly into our long-term plans” 

The Impact: Enhanced Efficiency and Professionalism

Since adopting InvestNext, Griffin Partners has witnessed a notable improvement in operational efficiency, saving approximately 25 man-hours a week. The significant reduction in errors and the alleviation of manual tasks for the accounting teams were remarkable. The platform facilitated a more professional approach, and minimizing manual spreadsheet management.

InvestNext intervened at a critical stage in their data handling, particularly related to complexities such as Capital Calls, which they plan to integrate soon. They found that InvestNext saved them substantial time in this regard.
“The transition has left a positive mark on our operations, elevating our professionalism, reducing payment errors, and enhancing risk controls”

A New Chapter: Streamlined Processes and Elevated Investor Engagement

In summary, InvestNext has proven to be a game-changer for Griffin Partners, offering a streamlined solution that aligns well with their technology-centric approach. The platform has not only enhanced operational efficiency but also fostered a heightened level of professionalism and investor engagement.
“InvestNext stepped up to address the challenges we faced, offering a streamlined solution that aligned seamlessly with our tech-focused approach. The platform’s impact on risk management, functionality, and overall professionalism further reinforced our decision to make the move to InvestNext” 

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