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From $50 Million to $400 Million Captial Under Management with InvestNext:
A Partnership Paving the Way for Exponential Growth

Open Door Capital
In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate investment, Open Door Capital (ODC) has carved out a niche as a beacon of innovation utilizing some of the best real estate investment software available. Below, we highlight the pivotal role InvestNext, a leading real estate investment management tool, played in supporting ODC to over-achieve their goals. This remarkable journey, was orchestrated by the renowned real estate investor, author, and educator Brandon Turner, and propelled forward by Mike Williams, the Vice President of Investor Relations.
Accelerated Expansion and Financial Milestones Achieved:

Open Door Capital, leveraged InvestNext to scale their operations exponentially, growing their capital under management from $50 million to a staggering $400 million in just four years.

Enhanced Investor Engagement and Experience:

The InvestNext real estate CRM and investor portal, transformed the investor experience, offering a user-friendly interface, seamless accreditation processes, and secure fund transfers. Fostering stronger relationships and trust between the investors and the firm.

Streamlined Operations and Efficiency:

InvestNext became a linchpin in streamlining previously cumbersome, slow, and timely processes, saving time, and facilitating easy and efficient communication, allowing for a focus on growing and managing their investor portfolio effectively.

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A Partnership Paving The Way For Exponential Growth

Mike Williams Open Door Capital

Mike Williams
Open Door Capital

“InvestNext became the linchpin for our investor interactions”

A Firm Foundation Rooted in Excellence

Open Door Capital, under the stewardship of Brandon Turner, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the real estate sector. With a strategic focus on mobile home communities, apartment complexes, and self-storage facilities, the firm has been steadfast in its commitment to fostering affordable housing solutions.

Mike, leveraging his extensive background in crafting exceptional guest experiences, has been instrumental in nurturing transparent communication and fostering meaningful relationships with investors at ODC.

The Scaling Challenge: Setting Sights on New Heights

As ODC set forth an ambitious initial goal to reach a Capital Under Management milestone of $50 million, they encountered substantial challenges in scaling their operations. The manual process of managing distributions was not only cumbersome but also time-consuming, posing a considerable strain on the team’s resources.
“In my earlier days at the company, the challenges of scaling our operations were significant. Initially, we pursued other solutions, but it became quickly evident that a scalable approach was necessary. The initial aim was to streamline the laborious process of exporting and inputting data, which consumed considerable time and resources.”
Reflects Mike, on the initial hurdles the company faced in growing to $400 million Capital Under Management.

The Turning Point: InvestNext's Strategic Intervention

The collaboration with InvestNext marked a significant turning point in ODC’s trajectory. The platform emerged as a scalable, and secure solution for managing capital raises, and complex distributions, transforming the previously laborious distribution management process into a streamlined, automated and efficient operation.
“The introduction of InvestNext reshaped our approach. It came at a critical juncture, providing the scalability we needed to surpass our expectations of $50 million in Capital Under Management, reaching $400 million in Capital Under Management within just four years”

The User Experience: Seamless and Secure

InvestNext didn’t just facilitate operational efficiency for ODC; it significantly enhanced the investor experience. The Secure ACH feature, proved to be a reliable and easy-to-use tool, facilitating quick, secure and smooth fund transfers.
“Our investors found the platform user-friendly and really appreciated the integrated and seamless accreditation processes. For us the Secure ACH feature was incredibly easy to use”

The Outcome: A Success Story of Collaboration and Growth

In just four years, ODC soared past its initial goal, managing capital worth an impressive $400 million, a testament to the strategy at ODC – empowered by a successful partnership with InvestNext.
“InvestNext became the linchpin for our investor interactions. The streamlined distribution process, which had previously been a hurdle, turned into a remarkable time-saving feature. It not only eliminated the arduous data input process but also significantly cut down distribution time to a mere fraction.”

A Total Transformation

Through a partnership with InvestNext, Open Door Capital has not only met but exceeded its ambitious goals, carving a niche in the real estate sector as a firm that embodies innovation, resilience, and growth. As ODC continues to thrive, their use of advanced real estate investment management tools like InvestNext remains central to their success.
“The feedback loop between the platform and our team has been invaluable, and our collaboration with the InvestNext CX team has been instrumental in refining this process. Constructive input from our users is meticulously gathered and channeled, ensuring it directly influences InvestNext’s development roadmap, underscoring its commitment to providing a tailored experience. One feature that stood out was the Secure ACH, which alleviated initial concerns and ultimately streamlined the transfer process. Additionally, with guidance from the CX team, the seamless integration of accreditation processes and the platform’s user-friendly nature were lauded by our investor.”

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