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40% Referral Success Story:
How Pasago Investment Management Amplified its Growth with InvestNext.

Pasago Investment Management is a boutique private equity firm co-founded by brothers Victor and Jorge Pasaran. They specialize in acquiring and optimizing small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) within manufacturing, resorts, and real estate sectors, leveraging advanced investment management software.Their investment approach spans a 4-to-5 year horizon and focuses on businesses that can be enhanced through the introduction of innovative technologies or processes. Here, we spotlight Victor Pasaran's transformative experience with InvestNext, a premier real estate investment management solution, and how it has been instrumental in elevating the firm's investor experience and capital management.
Unified Communication & Elevated Investor Relations:

InvestNext real estate CRM tool helped centralized Pasago's communication, enhancing investor engagement and streamlining processes, saving time and fostering value-driven initiatives.

Referral-Driven Business Expansion:

The InvestNext investor portal significantly influenced Pasago's growth, with 40% of new annual investors coming through a seamless referral system, fostering a community of satisfied and engaged investors.

A Comprehensive Tool Beyond Portfolio Management:

InvestNext enabled holistic evaluation of portfolio performance, enabling superior analytics and capital allocation. Effectively enabling new investor growth through referrals.

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Referral Success: Amplified Growth with InvestNext

Victor Pasaran
Pasago Investment Management

“InvestNext wasn’t just a tool for me. It was a game-changer in how I managed my portfolio, allowing me to see the bigger picture, analyze data, and diversify investments across various markets, thanks to its versatility”

A forward thinking Boutique firm

Pasago Investment Management, a boutique private equity firm, has been at the forefront of acquiring real estate, and optimizing businesses with a keen focus on introducing innovative technologies or processes.

Victor Pasaran, a seasoned professional with a background in finance and investor management, has been the driving force behind the firm’s continued success. He has worked for many reputable financial institutions, such as TD Canada Trust, Scotiabank, and Forge & Foster Investment Management.

The Journey with InvestNext: A Game-Changing Discovery

Victor’s experience with InvestNext  began during his tenure at a previous company. Despite initial reservations, the platform soon became an indispensable tool for his capital management and investor relations.
“Once I fully embraced InvestNext, it revolutionized how I managed my portfolio. The fact that it contributed to my overall portfolio strategy highlighted its true value in my investment journey.”

The Transformation: Streamlining Processes and Enhancing Engagement

Before adopting InvestNext, Victor’s workflow involved juggling various, disparate tools. With the introduction of InvestNext’s real estate CRM and capital management tool, all relevant investor information and communication were consolidated in a single location, streamlining the process significantly. A key aspect of Victors approach was ensuring investor engagement went beyond mere Return on Investment (ROI). He aimed for investors to find value in meaningful projects and provided the portal as a means to foster this engagement. The platform’s built-in CRM facilitated seamless updates and communication, allowing easy sharing of important links.
“With InvestNext, all the info and communication were in one place, a true time-saver. The convenience of having everything centralized, coupled with regular updates that enhanced functionality, was a breath of fresh air.”

The Impact: Fostering Growth and Facilitating Referrals

One of the standout achievements of InvestNext has been its role in generating new investors through referrals. Victor was particularly impressed with the platform’s facilitation of a seamless referral process.
“It blew me away that 40% of our new investors each year came from current ones spreading the word. The platform made it easy for these newcomers to request access, showcasing its effectiveness in accelerating growth through meaningful projects.”

A Comprehensive Tool: Beyond Portfolio Management

In conclusion, InvestNext has not just been a tool for Victor; it has been a comprehensive solution that has transformed his approach to portfolio management. The platform allowed for a holistic evaluation of portfolio performance, enabling data analysis and capital allocation across different regions and markets. InvestNext’s continuous updates, flexibility, and role in generating new investors through referrals underscored its effectiveness.
“InvestNext wasn’t just a tool for me. It was a game-changer in how I managed my portfolio, allowing me to see the bigger picture, analyze data, and diversify investments across various markets, thanks to its versatility,”
In the end, my experience with InvestNext was a real shift. It simplified portfolio management, boosted investor connections, and drove growth by focusing on impactful projects. Those regular updates, the adaptability, and the way it brought in new investors showed how effective it was.”

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