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InvestNext Updates: April 2021


Inbound Payments – It’s Here!

Receive funds from investors seamlessly

It’s here! Coming in hot from our beta studio – Investors can now fund their commitments within their Investor Portal directly.

– Why did we do this?

Collecting money, keeping track of who’s paid, and updating the cap table should be easier! To remove friction in the commitment process and get your deals funded even faster than before.

– How does it work?

Simple! Using an integration from Plaid, investors link their bank account instantly using their existing banking credentials. After a few clicks, the funds are transacted directly to your bank account.

You and the investor are kept in the loop every step of the way using email notifications. Once the funds land in your account, InvestNext will take care of updating the cap table as well as creating a new investor position for you.

✅ Commit

✅ Sign

✅ Fund

Team Updates



My background lies within the realm of research and analytics- solving problems by merging technologies. Realtime text analytics, embeddable workflow web components, and multidimensional databases are just a few areas I’ve spent the last decade of my life. When I’m not writing code, my wife and I are chasing 3 kids around. I have a penchant for fitness and DIY projects, so I spend any other free time in a gym or the garage.

Tip of the Month

Did you know that you can add suggested tasks to pipeline stages? Suggested tasks are a great way to remind yourself or your team of what steps or actions that should be taken when an investor is in a given stage.

For example: All investors in the prospect stage should be sent the link to access the PPM.


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