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InvestNext Updates: July 2021


We’re back! This month, our team kicked off July with a meetup, featuring Whitney Sewell, the founder of Life Bridge Capital. More exciting updates include new staff members, a co-hosted virtual meetup, and new admin features.

Keep reading for details…

InvestNext Mascots: Meet Reptar, one of our office pets. His skills include self camouflage and intense climbing skills ?


Soft Commitment Notifications

A quick recap on soft commitments…

Imagine you have an upcoming deal but subscription documents and/or other collateral is not yet ready. You can still showcase your upcoming deal and garner interest through “soft commitments”. Simple set your capital raise to the “upcoming” state and you’re good to go!Now when investor selects “Reserve Now” in the deal room they are taken to a special soft commitment page. You can also set the minimum and maximum soft commitment amount.

So what’s new?!

With this update, you now have the option to notify investors who have previously made a soft commitment that they can log back into the investor portal and complete the commitment process. When you’re ready, simply set the capital raise to “Active” and look for the notification checkbox.

Team Updates

James Trammel

Customer Success

James’ background was a 9.5-year career in agriculture insurance with Rain & Hail Insurance, the largest crop insurance company in the U.S. His most recent role was Senior Adjuster, leading a team of 20 people to complete claims in Eastern North Carolina. His interest in real estate stemmed from self-managing a SFH rental in Raleigh, NC, where he hopes to continue to grow his property portfolio. James currently resides in Cary, NC with his wife and newborn son. When he’s not keeping his tiny human alive, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his 2 dogs and traveling with his wife.

Sung Lee


Sung is one of the software engineers at InvestNext and has joined the team in 2021 after a 15-year career with Marriott International where he held a sales leadership position as his last role representing the Southern California region. During his tenure at Marriott, Sung managed 13 sales managers to produce $9M in sales for the first quarter of 2020, generated $8.9M in sales as a sole-contributor, championed the sales system and data conversion during the Starwood acquisition, restructured business evaluation and contract review processes for diversified hotel brands, etc. With his problem-solving skills and goal-driven mindset, Sung found his passion for programming and has taken various steps to craft his technical skills to become a full-time software engineer. Based out of Los Angeles – California, Sung spends his free time drawing digital portraits, lifting weights, hiking, and snowboarding.

July Meetups

Building the Life Bridge Brand

Check out InvestNext’s first meetup! In this session, we dive into the creation of Life Bridge Capital, and the story behind the brand. This event also features a live Q&A session with the audience. Click here for the full event recording.

Real Estate at Work

This month Brad St Onge co-hosted Real Estate at Work with Leka Devatha. In this episode, Jason & Pili Yarusi describe their experience, moving from bartending to owning and operating a portfolio with over 850 units. Click here for the full event recording.

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