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InvestNext Updates: May 2021


A special thank you to all active and retired military. We appreciate your service! Check out this holiday recipe from our Product Specialist Evan Haft.We’re back with our last spring issue of the year! San Diego and Detroit are really starting to warm up and it’s not even officially summer yet!Some team members have started returning to the office part-time. It feels great!Meet Obie, our official office dog. His primary skills are sleeping, eating cookies, and getting everyone’s attention.

Product Spotlight:

Opportunities Pipeline Brings Greater Deal Insight!

The team has been hard at work enhancing opportunities management. We think these enhancements will give you powerful and up-to-date insight into where investors are at in the commitment process during a capital raise.You might have noticed three new steps in the pipeline view:

  • Committed | Investors have filled in their commitment amount, created their investing entity, and agreed to the investing disclaimer.
  • Paperwork Complete | In addition to the above, investors have also electronically executed all investment documents.
  • Funded | The investor has committed but the funds have not yet been recorded.** If you’re using our new inbounds payment feature, the system will automagically record the commitment as funded and well as mark the entry on the cap table.

Customer Success:

Canny Feature Request

Are you familiar with our feature request options? We make it our goal to provide a premier customer experience by ensuring all feedback is captured, shared, and followed up. View our feature request repository to post requests and more.

Tip of the Month

Did you know that you can see how many times an investor has opened an email you sent them?

We’re Hiring!

Check out the following open roles. If you know someone who would make a great fit let us know!Current Openings: Software Engineer

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