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InvestNext Updates: October 2021


Missed us!? October has been an exciting month for both our customers and staff. Early this month, we announced the closing of our 4.3 million seed funding round and were also featured in CREtech’s Daily.Our team has been hard at work publishing updates to increase user efficiency across the InvestNext platform.Scroll down for details…InvestNext Mascots: Meet TingTing, another one of our office favorites. He’s gentle, sweet, and loves to be petted. But do not be fooled by his age (he’s ten btw…). He still has the same energy as a hyperactive kitten. You’ll often catch Ting Ting behind the scenes with our product developers disrupting their sprint sessions.

InvestNext Product Review

Review Us!

Rate your experience using our platform…

We want to know how our product has been an impactful tool in managing your capital raise/distribution process.Your contribution not only helps us but can potentially help other investors and syndicators find better alternatives to managing their funding portfolios.We value your time and would appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes to leave a review and share some feedback with us on Capterra and G2.


Automate the Soft Commitment Process

Increased efficiency

We’re making it easier to track the amount that prospective investors are looking to invest. Simply add the new “Soft Commitment” field to your existing form. As soon as the prospect’s information is submitted and approved by you, InvestNext will create a customer card and trigger an invite to the investor portal.The Soft Commitment form will also record the committed amount and place it into the opportunity pipeline, fast-tracking the investor acquisition process.Here’s a knowledge-based article on how to get started today!

Customer Success

InvestNext Pilot Program

Let us take the work off your hands…

Raising capital is a high-impact and time-sensitive part of our customer’s work. Having learned best practices from the 825M+ raised through the InvestNext portal, we are starting a pilot program to take the work off your plate.Our team will request the necessary information and then complete the set-up of your InvestNext Deal Room and entire e-signature document flow, allowing you to focus on your investors.Please reach out to our team at support@investnext.com for pricing and more information.

Team Updates

Now Hiring

Our team continues to expand! Currently, we’re on the lookout for candidates to fill the following positions:Sales Account ExecutiveSenior Full Stack EngineerCustomer Support ManagerDeployment Lead

Meet our newest Team Member

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