Strengthen Investor Relationships

For GPs and Investor Relations teams looking to cultivate trusted relationships, build credibility and enhance investor satisfaction – all while reducing workload with easy-to-use functionality and streamlined platform integration.

Strengthen Investor Relationships

Detailed History

A powerful, single source of truth for all investor, transaction, project, and pipeline data. 

Personal Communication

Scalable, personalized investor communication tools that fully integrate with your preferred email provider. 

Pipeline Management

Manage, track, and accelerate capital raise operations with customizable pipelines built for your process.

Perfect Fit. The InvestNext platform offers an easy and flexible setup and implementation. With a built-in CRM and marketing tool, you have everything your investor needs.

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Detailed History

Comprehensive Relationship History

Interact with investors confidently and with context. Access automated, effortless documentation of every investor interaction and transaction in a centralized source. Filtering, tagging, and segmentation gives your firm an accurate and up to date view of investor and project data. Create investor statements and reports to share with investors in seconds.

Personal Communication

Effective Centralized Communication

Foster relationships and build investor transparency. Send personalized emails to individual investors or custom groupings and track engagement in your CRM. Automatic integration with any inbox provider gives you the freedom to manage and build communications using any tool. 

Pipeline Management

Streamlined Capital Raise Operations

Get granular visibility into your capital raise process with customizable pipeline stages, drag and drop tracking, and automated integration with your commitment flow. Auto-close functionality means your projects and classes will never be accidentally oversubscribed.

Task Management

Better Teamwork

Manage and assign tasks and create approval workflows. Critical tasks are highlighted in an easy-access view, ensuring teams never miss a follow-up message, countersignature, or opportunity.

Document Management

Simplified Document Management

Easily organize documents for your portfolio and investors. Templatize critical documents to save time and securely share documents with individual investors or groups.

Reports & KPIs

Effortless Reporting

Eliminate hours traditionally spent compiling investor data to build reports or statements. Create and disseminate investor statements in seconds, offering streamlined access to all the reports you and your investors need.


Intuitive User Interface

Work with tools that work like you. Our platform is rated as the easiest to use investment management software according to G2 – with the fastest implementation in the industry.

Highest Rated for User Satisfaction

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Streamlined Capital Raising

Streamline your fundraising process with engaging deal rooms, frictionless commitment flows, e-signatures, secure inbound funding, automated CRM and back-office integration.

Branded Investor Portal

Build credibility and impress your investors with a modern, user-friendly experience. Share documents, send updates, and capture investment intent in a centralized hub.

Automated Back-Office

Reduce administrative overhead with automated financial management.

Strengthen Your Investor Relationships​

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