Distributions & Payments

Distributions & Payments For Any Operating Agreement

Create complex distribution waterfalls, automatically calculate distributions and send secure payments to your investors with a few clicks.


Execute any operating agreement directly in the platform, with more available customizations than any other software.


Distribution payments are automatically and accurately calculated based on any operating agreement.


Instantly initiate payments with a few clicks to any bank account through Secure ACH Payments or check.

“Our distributions can become extremely complicated and InvestNext has made it easy to set up and send out with just a few clicks. We can see the exact dates distributions have gone out and accounts have been created – we can see what date and time checks were sent and delivered etc.- this has been a huge help!”

Hannah C.

Complete Customization

Complete Customization

Execute any operating agreement directly in the platform with more available customizations than any other investment management software.

And catch up to multiple classes all in one distribution plan.

Automated Calculations

Eliminate the risk of manual input and calculations. Investors are added to your project, cap table, and distribution plan directly from the commitment flow. Distribution payments are automatically calculated ensuring that each partner receives their share of profits based on your operating agreement.

Automated Calculations
Secure Payments

Secure Payments

Save time by instantly initiating payments to your investors, delivered in their preferred method. Simply send payments to any bank account via Secure ACH Payments or check – all from within the InvestNext platform. No wires or NACHA files needed.

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Streamline your fundraising process with engaging deal rooms, frictionless commitment flows, e-signatures, secure inbound funding, automated CRM and back-office integration.

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Build credibility and impress your investors with a modern, user-friendly experience. Share documents, send updates, and capture investment intent in a centralized hub.

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Cultivate trusted relationships, build credibility and enhance investor satisfaction - all while saving time through automated workflows.

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