How to Find Private Investors for Real Estate

how to find private investors for real estate by InvestNext

In the dynamic world of real estate, finding the right financial backing is crucial. Private investors play an instrumental role in bringing visions to life, from skyscraping apartments to expansive commercial spaces. But the question remains: How to Find Private Investors for Real Estate? The answer often lies in leveraging the right tools and platforms. […]

What Is a Good ROI in Real Estate?

What Is a Good ROI in Real Estate? | InvestNext

Real estate investment is a game of numbers, and one of the most critical numbers to understand is the Return on Investment (ROI). ROI is a key performance indicator used to measure the likelihood of gaining a profitable return from an investment. In the realm of real estate, understanding what constitutes a good ROI can […]

What Does REIT Stand For?

What Does REIT Stand For? | InvestNext

In the dynamic landscape of real estate investment, the term “REIT” often surfaces, sparking curiosity and questions. What does REIT stand for? How does it fit into the broader context of real estate investment? This article will unravel the concept of REITs and illuminate their integral role within the real estate sector. At the heart […]

Here are Three Three Startup Friendly Platforms for Remote Teams

Remote Technology There’s nothing like the feeling of rising out of bed, brushing your teeth, grabbing a cup of coffee, and commuting by foot to your office in the corner of your home. The dated concept of returning to an office desk, “the traditional nine to five” for corporate meetings and internal discussions, has pivoted. As major companies adopt […]

Creating Investor Visibility with InvestNext

THE PROBLEM: Investor Visibility – Positions & Investments I remember receiving a call from one of our investors asking for information on their investment. They simply wanted to see how much money they had invested with our firm. They wanted to know basic information: which projects they invested in, what their returns looked like, how […]