Investor Relations: Essential Strategies for Successful Capital Raising

Real estate investor relations are the lifeblood of your investments. Whether you’re an investment firm or a developer, it’s crucial to understand your investors’ goals and preferences to establish a solid relationship with them. So what is “investor relations”? In this article, we’ll uncover why investor engagement is essential and the best practices you can […]

Fund Administration Solutions: How to Achieve Efficiency by Outsourcing with InvestNext

One of the biggest challenges commercial real estate syndication firms face is finding an efficient and cost-effective way to help administer the fund management accounting process. Building a team of accountants and financial professionals to ensure the funds are appropriately handled and accounted for is often cost-prohibitive. Generally, the fund sponsors are too busy running […]

How-To Guide on How to Raise Capital For Commercial Real Estate Properties

When deciding to invest in the largest asset class in the world, one of the challenging aspects of the industry is –  #1 raising capital for real estate and #2 convincing investors that you can provide a solid return. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced general partner, understanding when and how to raise capital […]

Institutional vs. Non-Institutional Investors in the Commercial Real Estate Sector

Investing in commercial real estate has proven to become a stable and attractive alternative to showcase value and stability for investors. With access to deals through crowdfunding sources, non-institutional investors of all sizes now have quite the same opportunities as institutional entities to generate passive income, ultimately leading to wealth for the masses.  Historically, non-institutional […]

2023 Commercial Real Estate Outlook & Trends

The global real estate market is facing transformative changes in how buildings will be used, valued, and traded in 2023 and beyond due to the pandemic and the ongoing impact of economic instability in the world. As the new year approaches, the chance for regional/global recession or stagnation still lingers with its effects felt by […]

Top 20 Real Estate Influencers in the Nation (2023)

Social media marketing has become the go-to to organically promote business and build a dedicated following. As a real estate investor, utilizing platforms like Instagram and Twitter puts you in a position as a thought leader, which introduces others to view your success in the industry as a commercial real estate influencer. Historically, real estate […]

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Commercial Property Management Fees

When it comes to commercial real estate syndications, it is important to understand the compensation levels associated with the active deal in mind. As a sponsor, you want to be clear and transparent with the offering and the fees associated so that your investors are well-informed in their due diligence when committing to funding the […]

What is a Commercial Real Estate Offering Memorandum

A commercial real estate offering memorandum (OM), also known as an investment memorandum or a private placement memorandum (PPM), is a tool used to introduce prospective buyers or investors to the property and is vital in presenting your sale opportunity, credibility, and professionalism.  Offering memorandums are often used in apartment syndications and in various types […]

Guide to Understanding Commercial Real Estate Deal Structures

When it comes to commercial real estate investing, the majority of properties are acquired through various real estate deal structures that enable a group of investors to aggregate their funds to make a purchase, and understanding the differences between structure types will better enhance your pre-investment due diligence protocol. In this article, we’ll cover, in […]

Real Estate Syndication and Distributions: How Do They Work?

Real Estate Syndication has revolutionized how investors raise capital to fund multi-million dollar investment projects. From Entitlement deals to Diversified Single-Family Funds (SFR), syndications have proven to be lucrative and are choice crowdfunding vehicles for business. However, it would be best if you were knowledgeable in understanding the basics of syndications from the deal structures, […]